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WHEREAS people in Wilmot deserve to have their clean drinking water protected, and
WHEREAS farmland in Wilmot needs to be protected, and 
WHEREAS the proposal by Jackson Harvest Farms Ltd., for the Hallman Pit puts Wilmot's water at an increased vulnerability; and 
WHEREAS operations at the proposed Hallman Pit will negatively impact our rural communities; and

WHEREAS communities deserveto be assured that there will be no negative impacts to the safety and quality of the air they breath

WHEREAS prime agriculture lands should be protected for food production 

WHEReAS extraction of natural capitol (sand and gravel) in an area protected under the Source Protection Plan (a recharge area for the Waterloo Moraine) presents an unacceptable increased risk to our drinking water 

WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Wilmot Township Council to oppose the Jackson Harvest Farms proposal for the Wilmot township Gravel Pit

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  • Lc Douglass
    signed 2024-05-05 13:50:54 -0400
  • Karen Bourdeau
    signed 2024-05-02 11:10:23 -0400
  • Iza Rome
    signed 2024-05-01 22:07:11 -0400
  • Darika Joyce Friesen
    signed 2024-05-01 15:41:08 -0400
  • Lucy Shaver
    signed 2024-04-28 21:49:03 -0400
  • Marja Smellink
    signed 2024-04-28 19:11:53 -0400
  • Marion Depuydt
    signed 2023-06-04 07:37:58 -0400
    Farm land & wetlands need saving!
  • Carol Maas
    signed 2023-04-13 13:06:48 -0400
  • Linda Kress
    signed 2022-09-20 19:09:57 -0400
    I am opposed to approval of the new Hallman Pit in Wilmot Township on Witmer Road. We do not need another gravel pit that is disruptive to the community, poses health and environmental threats and may cause problems for the Shingeltown wells. Local citizens do not deserve to have the value of their homes driven down due to this pending pit development. We need to preserve prime agricultural farm land.


    Thank you.
  • Julie Neves
    signed 2022-09-18 12:20:26 -0400
    I onject
  • Mary Belton
    signed 2022-06-01 16:05:20 -0400
  • Natalie Zettler
    signed 2022-05-25 18:39:15 -0400
  • Tim Zettler
    signed 2022-05-25 18:39:14 -0400
  • Peter Lips
    signed 2022-05-25 09:02:52 -0400
  • Donna Deneault
    signed 2022-04-24 10:09:17 -0400
  • ingrid kern
    signed 2022-04-23 00:17:18 -0400
  • Christine Stephens
    signed 2022-04-17 16:32:27 -0400
  • Gail Schenk
    signed 2022-04-16 13:21:52 -0400
    Be intelligent. Honour science. Honour our/your water. Honour our/your environment. Honour our/your health.
  • Christine Gray
    signed 2022-04-16 01:47:24 -0400
  • Ann Dupej
    signed 2022-04-14 19:05:03 -0400
  • Susan O'Neil
    signed 2022-04-14 17:47:14 -0400
  • Ron Sauve
    signed 2022-04-14 15:42:44 -0400
  • Linda Lundstrom
    signed 2022-04-14 15:38:55 -0400
    Save Mother Earth, stop wounding her with pits and quarries.
  • Bev. Madill
    signed 2022-04-13 19:52:22 -0400
    I fully agree with everyone on the negative affects the gravel pit will have on our water.We deserve good quality water that we receive from our wells. Why a another gravel pit that we DO NOT NEED has that right to take this away from us in the surrounding area is beyond my understanding. I am also very concerned about the poor air quality . My back yard is right next to the pit. I have COPD and am on oxygen at night. I do not wish to live my life on oxygen 24 hours a day because I have difficulty breathing. from poor air quality caused by the gravel pit.I have a right to sit outside on my Sun deck without dust , dirt etc. Also crushed concrete if that is allowed.If the wind is blowing our way it will be impossible to enjoy sitting outside for some fresh air.What right do you have to take that away from me? We already have 3 gravel pits in this area that affects our quality of air.WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER GRAVEL PIT. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion. My health as well as everyone else should be strongly taken into consideration. Thank you for turning the proposal down. You are our voice so please continue to support us , the community.Thanks again.
  • Martha Bricker
    signed 2022-04-13 15:56:34 -0400
  • Laure Pettigrew
    signed 2022-04-12 15:36:11 -0400
    my parents in Shingletown would be affected, their back field to the pit. we wee so thrilled that Council actually stood up for their constituents
  • Bob Graham
    signed via 2022-04-11 19:24:21 -0400
  • Bryan Pfaff
    signed 2022-04-11 16:12:01 -0400
  • Matt Allan
    signed 2022-04-11 13:17:14 -0400
  • Brian Mullen
    signed 2022-04-11 10:28:47 -0400