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Up to date reports and reviews for the proposed Hallman pit are available here on the Township of Wilmot website.

Citizens for Safe Ground Water (CSGW) is a Non-profit Organisation in Wilmot Township CFSGW-google-map-1056pxW.jpgprotecting the Region of Waterloo's groundwater from aggregate industry activity.

Our Goals:
● Protect the safety, quality and supply of OUR water
● Protect the safety and prosperity of our township/communities

While recognizing the need for aggregate in our flourishing and developing region, we believe that the protection of our environment and water supply in our changing climate is paramount.



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Be Well: Our Water is Worth Protecting 




Hallman Pit Campaign

In an area protected by the Clean Water Act, an application has been submitted for a new aggregate licence at 1824-1922 Witmer Road.

Waterloo Region is in a position to lose approximately 200 acres of prime farmland to aggregate extraction (gravel pit). The application is to extract up to 750,000 tonnes of aggregate annually, as well as asphalt recycling, concrete recycling, and 5 wash ponds. The aggregate will be extracted to within 1.5 metres of the water table.

The operation of a gravel pit has the potential to use an immense amount of water and removes the natural filtration of the water, opening up the potential for contamination. Approximately 40% of said property encompasses a “recharge area” for municipal well heads (K-50 and K-51) which serve as 7% of the Region of Waterloo’s (Integrated Urban System) drinking water source. The cities and towns of Cambridge, Elmira, Kitchener, St. Jacobs, Lloyd Brown, Waterloo, St Agatha, Baden, New Hamburg, Mannheim and Shingletown all use this Integrated Urban System.

1824-1922 Witmer Road is vital to providing clean, naturally filtered water, free of contamination for generations to come.


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Overall Aggregate Impacts

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