Traffic Impacts & Road Safety

Traffic Impacts

  • The application is for 750,000 tonnes to be extracted annually.
  • This could translate to 37,500 trucks/year (based on average 20 tonne truck), or 36 trucks/hour (based on information in application taking seasonal restrictions into consideration).

  • Haul route - Witmer Road - has dangerous sight lines, no shoulders or guardrails with several hidden driveways (residents and farmers). Connecting regional roads are not included in the ‘Traffic Impact Study.’ Currently this township road is used recreationally for cyclists. 

  • The Traffic Impact Study is not showing the true impact of the additional traffic
    • recycling traffic was not included
    • no standard dump trucks were used in the calculation (size of vehicles was based on huge transport-truck riverbed truck style - 80% very large trucks and 20% otherwise, and didn't include any of the more common dump trucks coming in and out)
    • questionable whether the 'trips' were one-way or round-trip
    • they calculated with 300 operational days, and this is a seasonal operation, it is likely that the daily traffic would be higher.

Road Economics

  • 1 km of road = 1 million dollars (Sue Foxton, Mayor of North Dumfries)
  • Impact on roads of 1 double axle truck = 12,000 cars (from a peer review of Road Report by North Dumfries)
  • Bill 132 - municipalities can not impose haul routes on aggregate operators
  • Applicant does not include dual axis dumptrucks, does not include recycling and estimated and uses a 300 operational days/year



Road Safety

  • Potential effect for vehicles that serve our community such as emergency services, farm equipment, school buses, waste management, and recreational traffic.
  • How will the operation of the gravel pit affect the road shoulders & bike lanes, line of sight, intersections and connecting roads, guard rails, and local speed limit?
  • How will the truck traffic affect residents?