Porch Photo Session

C4SGW is working with local photographer Jack Schmelzle of Spruce Grove Photos to let the public see the faces of the folks who could be affected by the Proposed Gravel pit. 

We encourage you to take the opportunity for a family porch photo session for only $35 dollars! In doing so you will also be helping the campaign to stop the proposed Hallman pit!

 For the time being the Porch Sessions will be available to anyone in Shingletown and more people will have an opportunity in the coming months! 

The porch session will include 3 photos, 2 portraits of your choosing and one photo that will be a somber photo of you and your family in order to tell the story of the people whom this gravel pit would affect.  All for only $35 dollars! 

You can sign up at www.sprucegrovephotos.com by selecting “Porch Photos” and providing your information. 

Thank you to Jack Schmelzle of  Spruce Grove Photos for this wonderful opportunity to make our faces visible!