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WHEREAS people in Wilmot deserve to have their clean drinking water protected, and
WHEREAS farmland in Wilmot needs to be protected, and 
WHEREAS the proposal by Jackson Harvest Farms Ltd., for the Hallman Pit puts Wilmot's water at an increased vulnerability; and 
WHEREAS operations at the proposed Hallman Pit will negatively impact our rural communities; and

WHEREAS communities deserveto be assured that there will be no negative impacts to the safety and quality of the air they breath

WHEREAS prime agriculture lands should be protected for food production 

WHEReAS extraction of natural capitol (sand and gravel) in an area protected under the Source Protection Plan (a recharge area for the Waterloo Moraine) presents an unacceptable increased risk to our drinking water 

WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Wilmot Township Council to oppose the Jackson Harvest Farms proposal for the Wilmot township Gravel Pit

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